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Your product is everything.

The Retailer Toolkit Marketing Philosophy is based on the following priorities:

If potential customers can't SEE your product in it's best light your losing opportunities that may be taken advantage of by your competitors.

If your potential customers can't FIND you or your products we've both missed the goal.

Traditional Method

A new listing is ready for sale. Commonly the following steps are required to get that product in front of your potential customers:


RTK Method

Using the RTK we eliminate many of the steps and give full control to anyone in your office that has the new items details ready to publish:

Additionally the RTK allows you to upload multiple images and create detailed slideshows. Easilly.

How the Retailer Toolkit solves these problems:

Image Upload - The Retailer Toolkit (RTK) helps you achieve these goals be providing an Inventory System that anyone can use. We automate the difficult tasks such as resizing and uploading images. The RTK even creates a thumbnail of your images so your customers need only download the full size image when they choose. We also provide the means to create a slideshow of your products using the same automated methods. You simply upload your images and the RTK does the rest.

Multiple Point of Sales - The RTK not only shows your product on your site, it also shows your products on others sites with no additional effort.