Search Engine Optimization

SEO relates to where you show up in the search engines when a prospective customer searches for terms that relate to your site.

You can increase your chance of securing a prospective customers "click" if you are on the front page of the search results. There are only 10 organic (not paid) spots on that first page of search results. Getting to that position is a matter of many factors.

We've added two features to the Retailer Tool Kit to help you get higher rankning in the search results.

This allows you to change your front page text/content to be more specific to a search string you wish to find a high rank. You also have the means to now change your content without having to hire a webmaster, and be able to make changes immeadeately.

In regards to SEO, Google likes a site that changes as it shows a lack of stagnent content. The RTK makes changes and updates so easy, you'll always have an up-to-date site.

Additionallly the remote linking to your inventory from secondary points of sales will give you a higher rank because of more incoming links.

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