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A potential customer visits your site. They like what they see and want to get more information.

Traditional Method

Your website had links for email, maybe a Contact Us form and you hoped for a phone call, or maybe an email based on a link in your site. Then the potential customer would need convey what they liked or did not like from your site. If the frustration is too high they would leave, go to your competitor and look for a better service.


RTK Method

The RTK philosophy is based on making the customer experience as pain and frustration free as possible.

  • They enter your site and we get them to your product in as few steps as possible
  • If they have interest in a product we give them immediate means to contact you for more information
  • If they would like to contact you regarding multiple items, we give then the means to collect items of interest and then pass that to you at the end of their visit
  • After a contact us submission occurs on your site we store if for later review and targeted marketing.

Advantages of the RTK Lead Method:

We collect leads from a contact us form by giving your customers the means to save items they have interest in as they move through your site. You'll receive and email letting you know that you have a new lead and you will already know what items they have interest in.

This allows you to call or email your potential customer and continue from the point they left off. You can immediately have your lead qualified in terms of what they like so you can have additional information or similar products to make them aware or.

We believe this flow, will complement your customer and in turn make the experience professional from the start.