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RTK Bolt

Benefits to Business Owners / Office Managers

As the business owner or office manager you care about the larger picture.

Traditional Method

Information and access is isolated from the larger organization, slowing and restricting the flow of your most important resource (your product) from getting in front of your prospective customers

  • Email leads are lost to employees In Boxes
  • No way to look up past leads if new products become availble that may meet a prospective customers requirements


RTK Method

Using the RTK we eliminate many of the steps and give full control to anyone in your office that has the new items details ready to publish:

  • Admin comments - Add comments to a lead so you can do more later.
  • Market to prospective customers based on their
  • Immedeate publish on save.
  • RTK resizes the images for both large view and thumbnail.

Additionally the RTK allows you to upload multiple images and create detailed slideshows. Easilly.